💻 Working on now

I enjoy work and my personal projects (open source) very much, and they keep me very busy. I am also trying to do other things with my life.

I implement MCMC samplers

Blackjax is approaching v1, and will go through API consolidation soon. I have to admit I particulatly enjoy tweaking APIs until they feel "natural" (to everyone, not just until I am used to it). We are seeing more applications of blackjax to deep learning, and looking forward to examples that distribute gradient computations.

I build MCMC samplers from models

AeMCMC uses miniKanren to match models written with Aesara with the samplers that is most appropriate, and reparametrize models automatically.

I analyze Politics with statistics

Pollsposition uses bayesian statistics and data that we collect manually to analyze (and predict) political trends. I am currently building a model to infer vote transfers between the first and second round of the presidential elections. I am also re-implementing all my models to use Aesara, and write an introdution to our models.

I dabble in relational programming

I am trying to understand relational programming, and contribute to the python ecosystem. I am well into miniKanren at the moment.

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