📥 Use a reliable logging system

I know I should meditate more to not get attached to ideas so much, etc. In the meantime dumping everything is great.

You need to curate your garden, or entropy will win. The typical set was getting cluttered because there was no buffer between ideas that pop in my head and the website (I publish my notes instantly). Yet, I still felt that I was losing a lot of material: I could not type notes when I was on the go. I needed a log to dump everything.


Figure 1: Sad, unattended digital garden

The log serves two puposes:

I originally tried solutions that were closer to the technology I use for this site (logseq allows to edit and export org files). But I am optimizing for efficiency here (and you should too), not for technological compatibility. I just want to log the thought or the reference in a few seconds, and move on with my life. Integration with this website can be done when I am on my computer.

I use Notion which. It has a mobile app, and does export the log as a webpage: here is the log.

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