AePPL and marginalization

In some cases, like for mixture models, we are not interested in the posterior distribution of some discrete random variables:

import aeppl
import aesara
import aesara.tensor as at

srng = at.random.RandomStream(0)

x_rv = srng.normal(0, 1, size=(2,), name="X")
i_rv = srng.bernoulli(0.5, name="I")
y_rv = x_rv[i_rv]

logprob, (y_vv, i_vv) = aeppl.joint_logprob(y_rv, i_rv)


Marginalization is an action that is performed on the logprob. The previous model can be written as:

\begin{align*} \mathbf{X} &\sim \operatorname{Normal}(0, 1)\\ I &\sim \operatorname{Bernoulli}(\pi)\\ Y &= \mathbf{X}[I] \end{align*}

And if we write \(\operatorname{dnorm(0,1)}\) and \(\operatorname{dbern}(\pi)\) the density functions of \(\mathbf{X}\) and \(I\) respectively, the marginalized joint density \(\operatorname{djoint}\) reads as:

\[ \operatorname{djoint}(x) = \pi \operatorname{dnorm}(0, 1)(x_0) + \left(1 - \pi\right) \operatorname{dnorm}(0, 1)(x_1) \]

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