Open Source goals for 2022/2023

Summer vacations is coming to an end and though I have left school for more than 10 years, I have kept a habit of setting my technical and learning goals in September. I set personal and professional goals in January.

The past year in review

Let's review the past year briefly. It has been fruitful:

  • The projects I am a part of (the Aesara ecosystem, Blackjax, Pollsposition) have made sensible progress and are gaining momentum.
  • Working in close proximity with great people, including but not only (in handle alphabetical order) @BrandonTWillard, @dgerlanc, @jeffreydenos and @junpenglao, has made me a better developer.
  • Thanks to @BrandonTWillard I have now fully transitioned from vim to emacs.
  • I have picked up Racket;
  • I learned about relational programming, in particular miniKanren.
  • My thoughts on efficient note-taking, knowledge sharing and what a "better Internet" would look like are getting clearer, thanks to the typical set project, which I set in motion this year.
  • I predicted the results of the French presidential elections with @alexandorra and @pollsposition (although a serious injury in February prevented me from doing more). I went on TV the night of the election!

Hello 2022/2023

Here are the goals that I would try to achieve this coming year:

And more generally improve thetypicalset’s design, navigation and overall content quality. I would like to learn some Rust and learn more about internet protocols (why not implement a HTTP server in Rust?) if time allows.