Building the typical set



These notes are generated with Org-roam, are automatically published with Org Mode. They're infused with a healthy dose of nostalgia for the old web; the design is essentially the same as this motherfucking website, with 4 lines of CSS to improve readability. I was heavily inspired by Andy Matuschak's notes and Neil Mather's digital garden.

Work in progress

The typical set is forever a work in progress, on two fronts:

TODO Display last update on note

TODO Handle literature notes

Should have list of authors, link to article (if availabae), etc.

TODO Citations

I should be able to cite papers, books, etc. contained in a central BiTeX file.

TODO Better URLS for notes

The current template for naming notes in org-roam is great to avoid conflicts, but it does not make for memorable/pleasant URLS. We should change the notes' slug.

TODO Improve navigation

TODO Show the full graph

I can start with a new graph.html page that displays the graph and links to the notes. Some inspiration:

  • Hugo Cisneros vizualises the graph stored in the Org-roam db with a javascript animation.
  • My fondation project also visualizes the graph in full-screen with a D3.js animation.

TODO Miller Columns

See Andy Matuschak's notes for a great implementation, Jethro Kuan and Neil Mather also use this to navigate their digital garden. My concern is that Miller columns were designed to navigate trees, while the typical set is a directed graph. Apparently Miller worked on a generalization of his method, but could not find mode information online.

Found this report from 1986 written at the CS division at UC Berkeley.

This blog post has neat vizualisation ideas to navigate directed graphs with something that looks like d3.js.

TODO Show graph neighbourhood in addition to / instead of backlinks

We currently only display pages that link to the current note. There's however a lot of information in the slightly more extended neighbourhood, and it would be nice to display this neighbourhood instead of this first-order approximation.

TODO Page preview when hovering on a link

This is done well in Andy Matuschak's notes.