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  • Random Variables in Aesara Don't forget to talk about the caveats linked to the use of shared variables, or in-graph random variable update.
  • Shape of random variables in Aeasra
  • Polyhedral compilation
  • Aesara by example (something like Go by example)
  • Probabilistic Aesara (with the above examples)


TODO Consumer Price Index

ENTERED: [2022-01-16 Sun]

TODO API design

TODO The mythical "moderate" voter

TODO Defining cities from road network

Distribution of distance between intersections as d increases on a street network. This makes me think that we have several distributions at play: 41598_2018_22969_Fig1_HTML.jpg

TODO Redefining density

Density is a messed up measure as it requires the introduction of an intermediater

TODO The modifiable areal unit problem is an uncertainty problem


TODO Plot interest rates of treasuries vs maturity over time (transparency for curve)


TODO Publish a small orientation blog post on my setup

ENTERED: <2022-01-11 Tue>


TODO Doing things with org-mode

TODO Org-mode for fun and profit


TODO Chomage vs revenus

Comparer les courbes de revenus de la population et anciens revenus pour personnes touchant le chomage.

TODO Finance is an inurance business

ENTERED: <2022-01-09 Sun>

They take all the risk for us, and benefit from other stuff to insure against. Like floating exchange rates. So they benefit from the world being a bit more of a mess.

TODO Taux d'intérêts

ENTERED: <2022-01-09 Sun>

  • Qui les détermine?
  • Influence sur l'économie?
  • WTF taux négatifs?

TODO Unemployment: relationship with inflation & salaries

ENTERED: <2022-01-09 Sun>

And instead of doing a cross-sectional curve use an auto-regressive model with time-varying coefficients


TODO L'individualisme est une impasse

ENTERED: <2022-01-09 Sun>

Dans l'individualisme le plus extrême (ou localisme le plus extrême) il n'y a plus de conscience du nous, du bien commun. Le nous, l'autre c'est celui que l'on aurait pu être. Celui qui traverser des épreuves que nous ou un de nos procheKkk Puisqu’il n’y a plus de conscience du nous, du bien commun. C’est la porte ouverte à l’individu qui dirige tout. Le nous, l’autre, c’est celui qui aurait pu être. Celui qui traverse des épreuves que l’on ou des proches pourraient traverser plus tard.

TODO Write on hartley measure

ENTERED: [2022-01-16 Sun]

  • Meaning
  • Derivation
  • In natural sciences

TODO On information transfer

ENTERED: [2022-01-16 Sun]

  • In probabilistic information theory
  • In classical information theory

TODO Analyze micro data about prices and look into the sticky price stuff

ENTERED: <2022-01-16 Sun>

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